Early Medieval Reenactment

Emerging Scene in the UK

We are called Hrafn Vaeringi. Emperor’s Wineskins, pledged our allegiance to protect & fight. Warriors from under the sign of a raven.

We portray members of 11th century Varangian Guard serving the Byzantine Empire. Our main areas of focus are Combat & Living History.

Our mission is to grow in size & promote eastern and huscarl combat systems in the UK. Varangian Reenactment is also a land to explore in terms of living history!

Martial Arts

Eastern & Huscarl Combat Systems

We use two combat systems as our primary means of combat. We use these systems while training & taking parts of various events and shows. Both systems follow specific sets of rules to maintain competitive flair & ensure the safety of all participants. These two systems are honour-based, point-scoring rounds. There are target zones that successful hit will give a 'wound'. Depending on the number of wounds allowed - you either carry on or die by taking a knee, stepping off or laying down depending on a game played.

Eastern Rules

Each participant is allowed 1 wound, target T-Shirt & Shorts areas (excluding knees & elbows). Horizontal hits to the head, face and neck are forbidden. Spears are not allowed to hit above the nipple-height. All hits have to be clean, with appropriate force.

Huscarl Rules

Each participant is allowed 2 wounds, target the whole body excluding the face & neck. Spears are not allowed to hit above the nipple-height. Shots to the feet are heavily discouraged due to overall unavailability to appropriate feet protection. All hits have to be clean, with appropriate force.

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Living History

Guardsmen At The Service of Byzantine Empire

We are continuously growing our living history & crafts. Combat is not our only bread! We attend a number of events where our top priority is to showcase what it was like to be a professional guardsman (or woman!) of the Byzantine Empire at the service of The Emperor. Varangians would have jobs & professions outside of drinking & fighting. A lot of sources describe them as wealthy traders selling fur & slaves. We also explore other arts & crafts of the time that could have been familiar to the Varangians.

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