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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you based?

We are based in West Midlands county, United Kingdom.

Who do you reenact?

We reenact the first half of XI Century Varangian Guard serving the Byzantine Empire.

How can I join you?

All you need to do really is to turn up to one of our training sessions. You can find all the information on the 'Contact Us' page or on our Facebook page.

Is it an expensive hobby?

It can be but doesn't have to. Basic fighting equipment can be bought without breaking the bank. Everything also depends on who you want to reenact. Wealthier warriors will have more expensive equipment and a more distinctive look. We aim for historical accuracy and recommend for all new-starters to keep it simple.

What is the basic fighting equipment?

Safety first! Standard protective equipment consists of: 2mm+ thick helmet, plastic armour, armguards, metal gloves, knee/shinguards, 90cm shield. Choice of weapons: sword, one-handed axe, langesax, sabre, dane axe or spear. All modern protection has to be covered with authentic clothing.

I am not a fighter, can I still join?

Of course! We are currently expanding our Living History division. We are firm believers that the Varangian Guard living history is an untapped section. Varangians were also merchants trading furs, swords and slaves; this is how they were able to amass large amounts of money. We also run a Viking Settlement Project in Sedgley, UK where we aim to reproduce an authentic village experience.

Which fighting styles do you use?

We mainly fight in Eastern Style (t-shirt, shorts and head) but also participate in various Huscarl (full body) and Western (t-shirt and shorts) events. This is treated by us as a sport, we are very serious about it, train very hard and face some of the best fighters in the world on both national and international events.

Is there a monthly cost?

Yes. It is a small sum of £12 per month to cover our costs of training venues hires and group insurance that covers us in our activites. Small amount every month is being put away into the kitty to sponsor various things that group might need like: training equipment, camping essentials, event fees and etc.

How old do I have to be to fight?

We don't stop youngsters from fighting, you can fight in within our group as long as you are at least 15 years old. We cannot guarantee participation at some events as most of them require particiapants to be at least 18 years of age.

What do you require from members?

Depending on your interest (fighting or living history) we require constant communication on our online channels, attendance, motivation, drive, interest and honour. We don't have time for people with poor motivation, conflict-prone or those who are not willing to give their best!

Are you registered?

There are no formal requirements according to the British Law, we are though a well recognized group in the UK and are insured as a reenactment society. We do not make any money off our activities, everything is treated as a donation for services and money is used to sponsor group expansion and running costs like equipment, website, advertising, events, venues.

Do you require certain level of fitness or experience?

Not at all, everyone is welcome at our training sessions. We will do everything to support you on your journey, a lot of us started from nothing and now are fighting at international events. As long as you have the motivation & drive and are willing to put hard work in - we will turn you into a fighting machine.