Starter Viking Battle Kit

Starter kit doesn't have to be fancy. You are able to gather an exceptional set of items to show both authenticity and readiness to combat. We are being forgiving on "fancyness" of the kit but are maintaining historical authenticity.

This set is an absolute minimum for a comfortable fight. Remember, if you have items tailored to your body - fighting becomes easier and you can focus on what's truly important - winning.

Things to Avoid!

  • Chemically Dyed Linen resulting in unnatural colours.

  • Bright Red, Purples, Blacks (Stick to natural colours or undyed Linen)

  • Cheaply-made Indian Helmets

  • Butted Mail

  • Black Leather

  • Sharp/Non-rounded Edges

  • Wool Blends, Cottons, Canvas for clothing. Stick to natural wool!