Meet Our Team!

Take a few minutes to meet our team full of fun people who dress-up
most of the weekends of the year, travel around the world and fight other like-minded folks!

jarl group leader

Paul / Gunnar Einarsson

Jarl - Group Leader

Paul comes from Oldbury, UK and is the founder of the group. Daily a manager in the food industry and has been in the world of reenactment for over 15 years. His vast knowledge and incredible drive has lead the group to the point of where it is today. It has transformed from a traditional, viking, western style fighting group into competetive, eastern & huscarl style Varangian Guard. He loves to fight with any weapon that kills and he reenacts a wealthy Rus Varangian from Chernihiv, Black Morgue.
battle commander

Christopher / Bjorn Gunnarsson

Byzantine Battle Commander

Chris aka Bear cannot be unnoticed on the battlefield! He is our Byzantine Commander that oversees the Varangian Guard. From Dudley, UK, professionally he works building boats! He reenacts a Byzantine Commander or a Hedeby Viking, depending on the setting we are currently in. Sword and Dane Axe are his favourite weapons to fight with, when there is no combat around, he is very handy blacksmithing. Chris is also the Coordinator for our Village Settlement Project.
second in command

Maciej / Matthias Rikkardsson

2nd in Command

Maciej called 'Magic' (similar pronunciation) is the Dane-axe-man you see running behind the lines. He comes from Nowa Deba, Poland, currently living in Wednesbury, UK - reenacts a wealthy Swedish Rus Varangian from Gnezdovo settlement. Outside of reenactment, he works as a digital coordinator for the education industry. His favourite weapon is a Dane-axe of which he has 5! Maciej has been in the world of reenactment for around 4 years now, mainly focusing on the martial side of the field.

Kiran / Kiaton Olafson

Red Warrior - Treasurer

Kiran works as a CAD Designer and comes from Dudley. His favourite weapon is Sword + Shield.

Peadar / Ingvar

Red Raven Warrior

Peadar reenacts Swedish Rus and his favourite weapon is Sword + Shield! Daily he works at a whistle factory and joined the group years ago because he wanted to have something to do outside of work. He is one of the longest standing members of the group.
sabre warrior

Krzysztof / Lengyel

Red Raven Warrior

Christopher reenacts a Hungarian Warrior from Karos. He works nightly as a bad-ass lorry driver and joined the group years ago to continue his martial arts journey. His favourite weapon is Sabre + Shield.

Daria Heksa Romanova

Red Raven Warrior

Daria is a full-time Tattoo Artist, came to the UK from Poland 13 years ago. She lives in Tewkesbury, where she also runs her own Tattoo Studio for over a decade. For years she was attending a local Medieval Festival every summer, made many friends and over time got actively involved with reenacting. Initially, she joined a Western-style group but very quickly realised, that she craves to learn more intense and realistic Eastern and Huscarl style of fighting. She decided to pursue it with Hrafn Vaeringi, since she met and befriended them at Jorvik Festival'18 and few other venues to follow. She has become an official Hrafn member in July 2018. Since there are very few female fighters in full-contact combat for a reason, she knew it will not be easy and she had to learn from complete beginner level too, but believed she had the right set of mind and enough of physical strength to learn fast and keep up with the boys. Luckily she has received full support from her Raven brothers, who quickly assessed her potential with Spear particularly. It was a good call - after just under a year of intense training and good progress it turned out that she is fierce and capable enough to become a Raven Warrior and fight among other Raven Warriors in big venues gathering hundreds of experienced warriors: Jorvik Festival'19, Neustadt - Glewe in Germany and Wolin Festival in Poland. After such an intense and epic season, she is determined to carry on training and improving skills and very much looking forward to many new adventures and many more battles with her Raven family. In the meantime and whenever not fighting she uses her art skills to do various crafts, f. ex. decorating and hand sewing dresses, tunics, bags, hoods and banners.

Shaun / Orn

Red Raven Warrion

Shaun comes from Brierley Hill and he reenacts a Varangian Warrior from Manvelovka wielding a dane axe.

Ian / Aethelwulf

Natthrafn Leader

Ian comes from Telford, UK and reenacts a 10/11th century Anglo-Saxon from Mercia. He is also the leader of our Telford chapter called Natthrafn - The Night Raven. He is a recognised member of the group, a Red Wing Warrior, part of the Red Wing Army.

Debbie Hadley


Debbie is Shaun's wife, she is a non-combatant member of our group and she reenacts middle-class Kievan Rus Woman.

Holly O'Sullivan

Red Raven Warrior

Zygmunt / Wsemir

Red Raven Warrior

Zygmunt comes from Rzeszow, Poland, he reenacts a Kievan Rus and he doesn't like dane axes.

David / Blod Ulfr

Raven Warrior

Nikolay / TBC


Anton / Borislav


Adrian / TBC


Tim / Halvard Wulfgarson

Honoury Member

Tim is part of another group and attended a lot of same shows we did. He has always fought at our side like one of us. Always supported us and distinguished himself in combat.

Amy / TBC


Jason / TBC


Nath / TBC


Tracey / Brynhildr


Rebecca / Kyrra


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