Breaking Up for Christmas

We have been working on this project for 10 weeks now, mostly Sundays, odd saturdays spent on lifting and material preparation. It becomes apparent as soon as you walk-in that it feels like home – the initial path construction adds another dimension to the village. It is starting to take shape.

The day has been mostly spent preparing wood and roofs on few houses. Two of our buildings are going to be used during Christmas by the land owner for Santa’s Grotto event to be run during holidays. For this reason we weren’t able to do any work on them until after New Year. This is not a problem at all!

We are now breaking up until New Year’s and we will meet again in January to carry on more work. That’s it for 2019! During Christmas holidays we will turn-up in kit to promote our cause.

Merry Christmas!

Photography by Nikolay Malinin



Matthias 'Varghoss' Rikkardsson

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